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Healthy Skin Tips : Simple Tips For Better Skin

Healthy Skin Tips : Simple Tips For Better Skin

Now day's people doesn't care about the health.they are to busy for making a lots of money.but they know about health but just ignore.the main reason is that they just care some days for health and after all they bored.Because it takes to time to improve fitness.

but i think you people are different that those people.So come to the point,the best part of our body is Face. Face is everything you or people judge,like you just because of your face.

So This Article is For Natural "Simple Tips For Better Skin as well as Healthy Skin Tips".

6 Simple Tips For Better Skin 

1. To get enough sleep

To get enough sleep

if you're not getting enough sleep. that can lead to premature aging and all in some cases breakouts. I do find if I'm not sleeping enough I end up getting more breakouts. than I would if I had enough sleep so how exactly does a lack of sleep cause skin issues. well when we're not getting enough sleep let's say one night we're not getting enough sleep. the next night the next evening or cortisol levels are going to be higher than they should be and again we've talked about cortisol before and how it leads to inflammation and irritation and that sort of thing. so it is important to get enough sleep that one's also science backed.

2. Up use a humidifier if your air is dry

now this tip does not apply to someone living in the tropics. because the ear is never dry but it does apply to someone living in the country like Canada. because half the year this air is quite dry and that can lead to skin that's a little irritated. a little dry and it is important to use a humidifier, if you have any issues like eczema rosacea skin sensitivity and not only that if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. it is a good idea to use a humidifier it's actually a study that type of humidifier reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3.Protect your skin from the sun

                      Protect your skin from the sun

  • This one that's a really big one and this have to be honest it's not something that I took seriously until I did my research for this Article. I always thought that because I don't go out in the Sun that much because I am not pale. I don't have to worry so much about sunscreen. unless it's a really hot day and the entire day. outside that's not true sun damage can happen on a cloudy day sun damage can happen when you're sitting indoors next to a window sun damage can happen. even if you have dark skin no one is immune from sun damage.

  •  i really regret the fact that i didn't wear a sunscreen that often before and i'm going to do it now after doing this Article. so I'm glad that I did this Article because you know what a lot of times I'm also learning things when I'm doing research for the Article anyway that's just a side note so how does the Sun damage your skin well the Sun can cause premature aging and also skin cancer so it is important to protect yourself from the Sun on a daily.

  • Another one the UV index is high that means the sun's rays are more likely to cause skin damage. so it's usually between the hours of 11:00 and 3:00 that the Sun is the worst in terms of skin damage. so I do try to stay out of the Sun even if I'm wearing sunscreen during those hours, so I try to go for my morning walks really early when the UV index is low or you know you can go really late when the sun's a little bit down so it really is about protecting yourself on a regular basis so you don't end up with skin damage.

4. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

  •  Stress has such an impact on skin and I find that to be the case. When I'm stressed out I have more breakouts, more redness or irritation. So how exactly is it that stress causes breakouts? So when you're stressed you're producing a lot more of this hormone known as cortisol which is also called the stress hormone and we produce normal amounts of it. but when we're stressed we produce a lot more of it and cortisol can cause inflammation and it can also increase the amount of oil your oil glands are producing and that can lead to breakouts. 

  • Other than breakouts, stress can also make a lot of skin conditions worse - things like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis. So it is a good idea to reduce your stress. So what can you do? Now you can't eliminate stress completely - that would mean you need to stop living! Stress is a normal part of life .it's going to be there but we can change the way we react to stress and how we manage our stress on a day-to-day basis. Personally for me the biggest game-changer is meditation

  • So I'm not going to talk more about meditation in this Article. If you want to learn more about what I have to say on it I do have a Article on healthy habits and I do talk about meditation there. So meditation is one thing and I do recognize it's not for everybody so what else can you do to help manage your stress? I would suggest self-care. I think activities that you enjoy doing - things that make you feel like you're caring for yourself... they do make a big difference. Personally I like going a walk, reading a book, taking a warm bath. All of these things do reduce my stress. If you're interested in learning more about self-care and what kind of activities you can do

5. Limit Exposure to Bacteria 

  • that could potentially cause breakouts so for. it's the phone it's the pillowcases these things if I'm not keeping them clean I do end up with minor breakouts around the chin so let's tackle the phone first so what is it about the phone that can cause breakouts. when we're talking on the phone and you're resting that phone right next to a cheek. it can cause a little bit of that pressure friction and heat and all that combined can lead to something known as acne.
  • on that so I avoid putting the phone right next to my cheek. I keep it at a little bit of a distance  and talking on it now the other thing for me is pillowcases. if my pillowcases are not clean I will end up with minor breakouts and minor irritation. if you're interested in learning what dermatologists have to say about the phone and pillowcases and how it can kind of lead to skin or irritation.

6.Exercise more often

Exercise more often

  • Now exercise and not something all of us love. I don't love exercise either but you know what there are so many benefits and they're also skin benefits too. So remember how I talked about cortisol and how it impacts your skin in tip 1? So exercise can help reduce your cortisol and by reducing your cortisol. it can help you reduce the chances of breakouts and reduce any skin issues related to stress. 

  • Not only that,when you're exercising you're boosting your blood circulation. your blood flow and that can help your skin cells to get more oxygen and more nutrients. So exercise definitely does makes a big difference when it comes to healthy skin. Now we don't all love exercise so what can you do to make it more of a habit? I would suggest starting really small. Don't feel like you have to exercise every single day if that's not something that fits into your lifestyle. Try to do small steps to make it a habit and then you can start to increase it. 

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