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Obesity Symptoms,Causes and Home Made Tips To Reduce

Hello friends We have to face many problems due to obesity. Today's lifestyle is quite changing. Due to which many changes are taking place in our diet and life and obesity is increasing. Due to obesity, your personality also looks poor and many types of diseases occur in your body. At the right time, do not eat food, never heard, ever get up. 

Obesity Symptoms,Causes and Home Made Tips To Reduce

Excluding vegetables, as well as more food, such as Pizza, burgers and many such things, and now even such fast food stuff we apply in our half life due to which obesity increases. Many people do gym gyms to reduce it Or do many types of exercises. But still their obesity does not diminish Because he leaves these things in the middle. Because in the future, these things seem to be quite boring And many people go to the doctor, and they are not even treated.

 When fat is accumulated in our body then obesity occurs.  it is spreading all over the country and abroad, And in today's time, this big problem is happening. So let me tell you some tips to reduce obesity, which you will follow, your obesity will be reduced less quickly  And for that you have to be quite positive, so let's start.

First of all, due to obesity:

1. Due to stress
2. Staying in a place for long
3. Eating too much of junk food
4. Do not complete sleep.
5. Do not Perform Exercise
6. Genetic
7. Being physically Inactive

Symptoms of obesity:

1. breathlessness
2. Snoring
3. feeling tired
4. Lack of Confidence
5. feeling heaviness in the stomach
6. Increased blood pressure, pain in joints, low physical activity

Home Remedies for Reducing Obesity:

1. Drinking more and more water:

Obesity Symptoms,Causes and Home Made Tips To Reduce

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily in the day. Because of which your body keeps on eating and many diseases decrease because of drinking too much water. Whenever you feel thirsty, whenever you want to drink water, drink comfortably and drink water with choking. Drink at least 3 liters of water in a day and must drink.

2. Consuming green tea:

Obesity Symptoms,Causes and Home Made Tips To Reduce

If you have to reduce obesity then you have to take green tea. Green tea is a natural remedy. Green Tea is a powerful antibiotic. If it is to be consumed then you do not put sugar in it. Green tea burns fat in your body. Green tea contains elements like silium, chromium, minerals and vitamin C.

3. Tomato, fennel seeds, cauliflower, curry leaves, carrot, cucumber and many types of vegetables are reduced due to obesity.

4. Food should always be chewed. Which will keep your body weight control.

5. Must have breakfast in the morning because it keeps our body active. Lunch should be full, because our digestive system is more active at this time.

6. Do not sleep early after eating food. You should walk a bit after eating food. Sitting in one place can increase your weight.

7. If possible, eat the food regularly, because hot food is quickly digested by cold cold food.

8. A little light food should be eaten at night.

Tips for reducing obesity:

1. Obesity increases due to hormonal and irregularity. If this happens then check it immediately so that there is a problem, then it will be known.

2. If you have to lose weight then the best solution is to exercise yourself. And should be exercised such that the entire body is a workout. eg cycling, yoga

3. We are healthy with healthy diets. If it does not contain vitamins and minerals, then there will be repeated cravings for some food. It is better that you do not let any deficiency in your food.

4. If you want to reduce obesity, you know one thing that not only eating food. Rather, more tension and less sleep is due to obesity. So you should be stress free and try to sleep more. Meaning for 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

5. If you are taking medicines, reduce the information. Because many medicines are such that obesity increases. So you have to take this caution.

6. If you have to reduce obesity then you have to leave beer. Because it contains such carbohydrate that quickly digested increases weight.

7. The most important thing if you are trying to reduce obesity, take it very seriously and always find out the difference of what is being read in our body. Once in a week you will have to see whether your obesity is decreasing or not.
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